Case Studies

DigiBio Optimizes Data Collection in YMCA Healthy Back Curriculum Program Evaluation in Stamford, Connecticut

Read how DigiBio was used by Dr. Marc Brodsky and researchers at Stamford Health, CT, to collect remote survey data from a population suffering from low back pain at a YMCA in Connecticut.

DigiBio Enables Objective Tracking of Home-Practice Engagement in Mindfulness Interventions

“DigiBio has enabled my team to offer mindfulness meditations for at-home use on a smartphone app, adding ease to subjects’ lives and rigor to my clinical trials." - Shelley Johns, PsyD, Indiana University | Regenstrief Institute

Enhancing Measurement and Treatment of Social Dysfunction in Schizophrenia Using Real-world Data

"DigiBio has enhanced the efficiency of collecting data in daily life. We work with a population where cognitive deficits are common but DigiBio is easy to use and has been adaptable for their needs." -Kyle Minor, PhD

An App-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Enhancing Mental Wellness of College Students

Transition into a new academic year can be a highly stressful experience for college students. Dr. Angela Chow at Indiana University School of Public Health led a project which provided an app-based cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) intervention for enhancing mental wellness of college students as they experience the challenges of transitioning into a new academic year.

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